Harutyun Galents
Harutyun Galents 1910 - was born in City of Kyurun, Western Armenia,
1915 - moved to Paris with his family then to Beirut. His artistic education got in private studios of France and Lebanon.
Since 1930 - a constant participant of international exhibitions,
1935 - became one of the founders of Lebanon Artists' Union
1946 - was repatriated to Armenia and became a member of Armenia Artists' Union.
Since 1961 - Personal exhibitions in Moscow and Yerevan.
1967 - died in Yerevan.
1971-1973 Personal exhibitions and participation in group exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yerevan.
1997 - memoirs about Harutyun Galents were published by the artist's wife, Armine Galents.
2000 - exhibition devoted to the celebration of 90-th anniversary of his birth.

The works are kept in Modern Art Museum (Yerevan), National Gallery o Armenia (Yerevan), in many private collections in Armenia and abroad.


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