Martiros Sarian
Martiros Sarian Life is a continuous struggle for the best. Life is a path with endless obstacles to overcome. And the environment and the people around play a huge role here. Naturally, the role of a personality is great and undisputable. A great artist absorbs the entire spiritual wealth of the masses. This is why we respect and love the artists who are capable of showing to the world the infinite substance of millions of people. This is the happiness of a creative man, who always moves forward.

1880- Was born in Nakhichevan-on-Done,(Rostov-on-Done).

1897-1904- studied in Moscow College of painting, sculpture and architecture;

Since 1902 - studied in the studios of V.Serov and K.Korovin.

1901- visited Armenia for the first time.  

1904- took part in “The Scarlet Rose”, the symbolist art association (Saratov).

1907-1909 - one of the founders of “The Blue Rose” symbolist association (Moscow).

 1910- Took part in the exhibitions of such associations as “The World of Art” and “Russian Artist’ Union”.

1910-1913 - made tours to Turkey, Egypt, Iran.

Since 1921- lived in Erivan (Yerevan).

1926-1928- lived in Paris

1928-1929- took part in the exhibitions of “The Four Arts” association in Moscow and Leningrad.

Since 1947 - a Full Member of USSR Art Academy.

1947-1951 - the chairman of Armenian Artists’ Union.

Since 1956 - a Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

1960 - Got honorary title of the people’s Artist of USSR.

1965 - Got honorary title of a Hero of Socialist Labor.

1972 - Died in Yerevan.


Either during his life-time, or after his death there were more than 100 personal exhibitions. Numerous articles, books, monographs, albums were published about Sarian.


The works are kept in Sarian Museum (Yerevan), National Gallery of Armenia (Yerevan), in the Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow), Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) and numerous private collections in Armenia and abroad.


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