Alexandre Bajbeuk-Melikian
Alexandre  Bajbeuk-Melikian 1891 - was born in Tiflis.
1900-1902 - studied at the military school.
1903 - studied at the specialized school of painting and sculpture of the Caucasian Society of art encouragement.
1910 - moved to Moscow, where for a year studied at Meshkov studio.
1911-1913 - was admitted to Petersburg Art Academy as a lecture-goer.
1914-1917 - was called up for military service. During the World war of 1914-1918 was at the Austrian and Romanian fronts.
1917 - returned to Tiflis.
1919 - along with Lado Gudiashvili opened the exhibition of his works.
1922 -1929 - gave lessons at M. Toidze studio.
1933-1937 - gave a course of composition in the Art's Academy.
1935 - personal exhibition in Yerevan. Met Charents and made friends with him.
1937 - was relieved of his position in the Academy and Artists' Union: one of the reasons - the friendship with Charents.
1939 - was rehabilitated in the Artists' Union.
1941 - was called up for military service and sent to Kerch. After was exempted and returned home.
1951 - acquired the title of Honored Artist of Georgia,
1956 - went to Moscow for the exhibition of Drezden Gallery, then to Leningrad to study the Hermitage collection.
1959 - journeys to Leningrad and Kiev.
1960 - frequent journeys to Yerevan. The acquaintance and friendship with Minas Avetissian, and other young artists of-Armenia.
1964-1966 - was in poor health, but never ceased working.
1966 - died on 20 of July in Tbilissi.
1967,1968 -posthumous exhibitions in Yerevan, Moscow, Tbilisi.
2002 - Publication of "Alexandre Bajbeuk-Melikian" album (H.Igitian, "Tigran Mets", Yerevan).

The works are kept in the National Gallery of Armenia (Yerevan), the Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow), State Museum of Arts (Tbilisi), State Tretyiakov Gallery (Moscow), in the private collection of the artist's family, as well as in numerous private collections in Armenia and abroad.


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