Arshile Gorky-Vosdanik
Arshile Gorky-Vosdanik Form is the language of a given time and must be pursued relentlessly. Many emotions and experiences are timeless, some more readily conveyed than others. What else is an artist but a creator who wants to share his thoughts and ideas with viewers? I seek a form or language that will express my ideas for our time. . .

1904 - was born in village of Khorkom, in East Armenia.
1908-1909 - begins to draw.
1910 - moves to Van city with his family and attends school, affiliated with Armenian Apostolic Church.
Family moves to suburb of Aigestan. Attends the American 11/fission School.
1915 - official beginning of massacre and mass deportation of Armenians.
Adoians evacuate Van and through Igdir and Ecbmiadzin reach Erivan.
Vosdanik attends Boy's school and works to support family.
1919 - after mother's death the artist and his sister travels to Tiflis, then Batum. In September moves to Constantinople and lives in tents provided for Armenian refuges.
1920 - deports for the USA, goes to Providence, Rhode Island to his father whom he hasn't seen for 12 years.
1921 - moves to Watertown. Studies at Design School and Technical High School.
1922 - 1924 - attends New School of Design, frequents museums, washes dishes in a restaurant for his meals.
1924 - earliest known painting under the pseudonym Archile. After 1932 - Arshile Gorki.
First teaching experience as the assistant-instructor of-life-drawing class at New School of Design.
1925  - enrolls at National Academy of Design. Leaves Academy after one month.
Enters Grand Central School of Art.
1927 - takes studio at Washington Square
1930 - moves to new studio at Union Square.
1934 - becomes member of Artists' Union.
1935 - works at Progress Administration/Federal Art Project
Lectures on abstract painting at Boyer Gallery in conjunction with exhibition,
Delivers lecture "Methods, purpose and significance of abstract art"
1935-1937  - paints 10 panels in oil on canvas in seven-floor workshop of Federal Art Project building. .
Works on paintings about his native village Khorkom.
1937  - is permitted to engage in easel painting in his studio while employed by WPA/FAP Mural Division
1937 -1938 - works in biomorphic style influenced by Mirry and Masson
1939 - completes murals for World's Fair Aviation Building.
Naturalized as United States citizen.
1940 - teaches at Grand Central School of Art
1941 - moves to San Francisco.
1945 - Julien Levi becomes Gorky's dealer
1948 - neck broken and painting arm immobilized in accident in automobile driven by Julien Levi
On July 21, in Sherman studio commits suicide by hanging.
Since 1930 - participant of more than 200 international group exhibitions, biennials and forums in major galleries of USA and Europe.
Since 1934 - had more than 80 personal exhibitions in numerous cities of USA and Europe.
There are more than 130 publications, 100 articles, 20 monographs, 40 books about the artist.
During his life his works were bought by Whitney Museum of American Art and Julien Levi in New York.
1979 - were produced two films about the artist: "The Life and Works of Arshille Gorky" and "Mural Without Walls"


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