Sam Zumian
Sam Zumian Sam Zumian
(Samvel Hambardzumian)
My parents gave me life and freedom to know it. The outcome of that knowledge was my choice of the path of art, rich with endless interests and responsibilities. Now that path is my own unique lifestyle.
I see myself as an Armenian artist, perceiving the universal as well as cultural significance of art, highly valuing the previous achievements of classical artists. The power of my art is hidden in the efforts to connect the discoveries of my predecessors with contemporary ideas, eager to see the eternity of their birth.
The world to me is the big theater where my characters have roles to enjoy with their dramatic, mysterious, joyful or even grotesque images. Some of them display the promise of love; others awake various emotions with outlined demonstrations of their bodies. Some characters serenely swing on ropes or dance to fast rhythms. Other characters, with the tension of tight string, grasp onto unstable ladders trying to maintain their balance and passionate crowds flee to indistinct directions.
My theatre on canvas continues to present new, seemingly strange performances, with the same enthusiasm and excitement.

Sam Zumian was born in 1953. As an artist he builds his own understanding of life and illustrates it through his art. Over ten years he has mastered paintings and black-and-white art. With the enthusiasm, dedication and drive that Sam Zumian has, he is able to make his own creative interpretation of reality. He makes his own findings in life and discoveries his own ideas of law. In his oil paintings, he focuses on claiming of the aesthetics of the unconscious and the laws of nature which lies beneath it. He doesn't waste time on the plot, instead uses one or two figures for crucial forces.
All the art that Sam Zumian has painted, they all share something deviously dreadful, clear and mysterious at the same time.

Biography & Education
1953 Born in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
1969-1973 Student of Terlemezyan College, Yerevan Armenia
1973-1979 Student of Fine Art Institute, Yerevan Armenia
1981 Married Verjine Ashakyan (Sons: Vardan and Narek)
1981 Apprenticeship etching, Moscow-Senezh (Studios)
1982-1984 Scholarship of USSR Artists Union
1982 Member of USSR Artists Union
1991 Member of UNESCO
2001-Present: Lives in Los Angeles, California (VIP Invitation of US Government)

Group Exhibitions
2014 Clermont-Gerrand, France 9th "Triennale Mondiale De L'estampe, The Original Engraving in Search of the Lost Paradise"
2014 Los Angeles, CA Rachelle Ryan Fine Art
2014 Yerevan, Armenia "Collectors Choice-2 Letters of Plates" Gafestian Center for the Arts
2014 Yerevan, Armenia Arame Gallery
2013 Granada, Spain "Estamp International Art Show Human of Paradise"
2012 Tokio, Japan "20 Years of Diplomatic Relationship Between Japan and Armenia"
2012 Los Angeles, CA "L.A. Art Show, Modern and Contemporary"
2012 Los Angeles, CA "Gallery Artists" Mooradian Gallery
2011 Los Angeles, CA "The Power of Art" Arm. Catholic Church Gallery
2010 Los Angeles, CA Norik Shogherart Gallery
2009 Glendale, California "Man's Inhumanity to Man" Brand Library
2008 Paris, France, Orangeri Du Luxembourg "Musee D'art Moderne D'Armenie"
2005 Florence, Italy "Florence Biennial"
2003 Glendale, California "From Ararat to America" Forest Lawn Museum
2000 Kiev, Ukraine "5th International Art Festival" Sovi Art Gallery
1997 Athens, Greece "Collection of Armenian National Museum of Fine Arts"
1996 Cairo, Egypt "6th International Biennial"
1994 Paris, France "Triennial D'Estamps-94"
1992 Tokyo Japan "TIAS" International Art Show
1989 Lodz, Poland Biennial "Male Formy GRafiki Lodz 89"

Private Exhibitions
2014 Los Angeles, CA "Recent Etching and Engraving" Mooradian Gallery
2013 Los Angeles, CA "Recent Oil Paintings" Mooradian Gallery
2013 Los Angeles, CA Rachelle Ryan Fine Art
2012 Los Angeles, CA "Works of Paper" Mooradian Gallery
2011 Los Angeles, CA Mooradian Gallery
2008 Los Angeles, CA "Left Coast Galleries"
2007 Los Angeles, CA "Left Coast Galleries"
2004 Los Angeles, CA "Old Masters" Galley
2001 Yerevan, Armenia "Modern Art Museum"
2001 Paris, France "Gallery Yvart"
2000 Yerevan, Armenia "Artists exhibit hall" "20 years after the first one"
1996 Athens, Greece "Cultural Center"
1996 Yerevan, Armenia "National Museum of Fine Art"
1995 Normandy, France "Musee Edgar Chahine"
1993 Yerevan, Armenia "Russian-art Museum"
1994 Lyon, France "Villeurbann Cultural Center"
1994 St. Petersburg, Russia "Delta" Gallery
1990 Kassel, Germany "Velke" Gallery
1983 Amsterdam, Netherlands "Amstelveen Museum"

International Museums
National Art Gallery of Yerevan, Armenia
Modern Art Museum of Armenia
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia
Asian Art Museum of Moscow, Russia
Art Museum of Sochi, Russia

Awards & Prizes
2009 Glendale, CA "2009 Diamond Award for achievement in Arts"
2005 Florence, Italy "Award of Lorenzo IL Magnifico Medici"
1989 Poland Biennial "Make Formy Grafiki Lodz 89" - Diploma
1985 Republic of Armenia "Best Young Artist"
1982 Moscow, Manege Exhibit Hall "The Youth of Country" – Diploma

Certificates of Recognition
California Legislature Assembly "Certificate of Recognition" Assembly Member, Paul Krikorian
County of Los Angeles "Commendation" Supervisor of Fifth District, Michael D Antonovich
California State Senate "Certificate of Recognition" Senator, Carol Liu
US Congress "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" Member of Congress, Adam Schiff
City of Glendale "Mayor's Commendation" Mayor, Frank Quintero

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Art News "How to Start Collecting" January 2008
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Pasadena Showcase House of Design 2007

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